Allergy Testing at AIM

By Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz


shutterstock_680919733It is the end of the year, wow it has gone fast!  Most of you are thinking about holiday parties and decorating and what to give up for the New Year…I am thinking about how I can help our patients get every last penny out of their insurance before the deductable renews in the New Year and how to prevent illness in 2020.  The most logical thing of course to address both these issues is… spring time allergies! Continue reading

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By Dr. Rosalie De Lombaert


shutterstock_561087484 (1)Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine (4000BC) that predates even acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. It is based similarly on the five-element theory, namely using fire, water, earth, air, and space/ether as its basis. Recently it has gained awareness in North America primarily through the yoga community, and since Ayurveda is literally translated as the “science of life,” it informs not only the way yoga is practiced, but also all other aspects of life (e.g., diet, lifestyle, and treatment of disease). Continue reading

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Healthy Digestion; Happy Life: Understanding SIBO

By Dr. Victoria Nguyen


shutterstock_1127539985What is SIBO? SIBO is an acronym for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Bacteria in our gut is normal and plays an important role for healthy digestion and can even have an influence on other aspects of our health. Normally, the bacteria in our gut help to breakdown fibers to smaller components that the cells of our digestive tract can absorb and utilize for fuel and energy. The gut bacteria also help produce some vitamins that we can use. Most of the bacteria are in the colon, so when there is bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, it can cause a variety of symptoms. Those symptoms can range from abdominal pain or discomfort, gas, bloating, fatigue, body aches or weakness. If the overgrowth is not addressed, it can lead to other issues such as malabsorption and nutritional deficiencies that could lead to weight loss. Because these symptoms are so vague, it can be difficult to diagnose SIBO from other digestive disorders. Continue reading

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Dietary Habits Promoting Longevity and Wellness: Can you handle them?

By Dr. Lisa A. Price, ND


shutterstock_1432771655Understanding why it’s important to eat an anti-inflammatory diet is helpful to compliance.  The National Cancer Institute continuously updates its database on several aspects affecting cancer remission and prevention.  Many of these recommendations are specific, like reducing intake of red meat to three servings per week.

These findings and others are based on nutritional contents of foods that we consume and their inflammatory affects. For example, both cow dairy and red meat contain a higher amount of something called omega 9 fatty acids. These are not ‘bad’ fats per say, but if we consume too many of them, we can tip the balance toward inflammation in our bodies.Inflammation can create damage and reactions that beget more inflammation, causing the cycle to continue. When the damage caused by inflammation exceeds the body’s ability to ‘clean’ it up, we begin to get damage at a cellular level. Damaged cells can turn into cancer.


Continue reading

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Mind-Body Medicine: What is it and what does it treat?

By Dr. Daniel Riordan IV, ND


AIM-WEB-117Mind-body medicine is just as simple as it sounds – and as complex.

In short, there is a link between our body and our mind.  Think about when you are stressed or nervous and your stomach hurts or you “felt butterflies”.  That is all coming from our mind, having a physical impact on the physical body.  Mind-body uses that same link to help treat the negative influences our mind has on our body.

One of the ways mind-body medicine works, is using our breath work to help stimulate the vagal nerve.  The vagal nerve is so important because it helps control the two major components of our nervous system. Continue reading

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Three Supplements to Promote Prevention

By Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz


shutterstock_243425590For almost 15 years patients have been coming to me to deal with various health issues.  Some complaints take a few days to weeks to take care of, others take months or years or need constant management to keep them in check.  But hopefully, no matter how long it takes, we are able to treat the issue that you came in complaining of.  For most people, that is the end of the doctor-patient relationship for the time being; until a new complaint comes up or it is time for the yearly check-in, most people are happy to not have to see their doctor.  I want to challenge the idea that you only see your doctor when you are sick, or to have a yearly physical.  Prevention is the best medicine, and I am here to show you how AIM is flipping the script on healthcare. Continue reading

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Keto Confessions: AIM Goes Keto for 6 Weeks…Here’s What We Learned.

By Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz

shutterstock_725641921I have always tried to do everything that I suggest to my patients, as long as it is safe for me to try.  I have made myself sick taking too many pills or tinctures; I have tried all kinds of cleanses and fasts.  This time, I tried the “Keto” diet, and I brought my husband and trusty business partner along for the ride! Did it work or was it a total bust?  You’ll have to read on to find out! Continue reading

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QiGong: Working with the Body’s Vital Energy

By Anna Recun, LAc


shutterstock_452637316Qigong has been practiced by people of all ages and skill levels in China for centuries as a physical discipline, meditation technique and therapeutic activity. It helps to regulate health, decrease mental, physical or emotional stress and diminish physical pain. It is a great alternative therapeutic and preventative method to increase health and well-being.  That said, its mostly an unknown quantity here in the United States.

In my 12 years of training as an Acupuncturist in China, I spent all my summers studying QiGong in a Shaolin Monastery and have developed a deep working understanding of the practice of QiGong.  Different than the kind of massage you may be used to, I’m excited to share this wonderful therapy with you.

The word “Qi” (pronounced “chi”) means vital energy. The word “Gong” means work. It is energy work or energy practice that restores energy and brings our body into natural balanced state. Continue reading

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Is Ozone Therapy The Fountain of Youth?

A look at Ozone Therapy for Anti-Aging and Longevity

By Dr. Mohammad Shegeft, ND


aim-web-101In my last article on Ozone Therapy and Theory, we discussed how Ozone Injections can treat joint pain, but in doing so we just scratched the surface.

This month, we’re diving a little deeper into one facet of Ozone Therapy: Anti-Aging and Longevity.  But before we get to what Ozone does for Longevity, let’s look at what causes aging.


Biomolecular Look at Aging and Ozone Therapy

shutterstock_295823912The mitochondrial free radical theory of aging (MFRTA) states that we age because our cells (in this case our mitochondria) accumulate free radical damage over time. These free radicals are produced as by-products during normal metabolism and are unavoidable. However in a normal healthy being, a balanced equilibrium exists among oxidants, antioxidants and biomolecules.  Excess generation of free radicals may overwhelm natural cellular antioxidant defenses leading to oxidation and further contributing to cellular functional impairment. Continue reading

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Dirty Little Secrets

by Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz


shutterstock_29772169It seems like everyone is opening up about their sex lives.  Jada Pinkett Smith is talking about how she is open and honest with her kids, sex scandals in our political climate are on the cover of every news outlet, and research is showing that millennial’s are having less sex than their parents!  Well maybe the taboo about talking about sex has changed over the decades, but there is some simple, basic advice that hasn’t changed over the years; and that is how to stay safe and protect yourself. Continue reading

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