Meet Dr. Brooke

Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz, ND

AIM- Brooke 3, smallI grew up on the East Coast, but the West Coast has always felt more like home for me.  My interest in medicine began on the sports field at a soccer camp when I was a little girl.  I injured myself on the first day of the camp, but, rather than let my week be spoiled, the camp athletic trainer took me under her wing, and showed me how she cared for athletes.  I was hooked.  In undergrad, I actually pursued my passion for athletic training and Physical Therapy until I realized that, as a woman, I would probably never rise to the heights that I wanted.  After all, if you are a trainer, you want to work for a professional sports team.  Unfortunately, they didn’t let women in the locker rooms then.  So, I changed my focus to the general practice of medicine, and have never looked back.

After 4 years of medical school at Bastyr University, my plan to move back East was interrupted when I met my future husband, Jashar. Not to mention I had come to love everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  After practicing in Redmond for 5 years, I moved to Sammamish to open a private practice in 2009 before opening Alpine Integrated Medicine in 2011 with my partner Nichole Santoro, LAc.

I like to think of myself as a “green allopath”.  I am a Primary Care Physician with a specialty in women’s health and Bio-identical Hormones; I employ several modalities to treat my patients including diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional and hormonal supplementation, hands on manual therapies and various rehab modalities
such as therapeutic ultrasound, IFC/TENS, hydrotherapy, trigger point injections and therapeutic exercise.  Going beyond just symptomatic fixes, I try to educate my patients about their health and promote not only optimal healing but the importance of prevention-based medicine.

My other passion is to continue to facilitate the growth and development of Naturopathic Medicine as a whole, and to educate medical students and our local community about natural ways to promote health and wellness.  I constantly mentor preceptors and students from Bastyr University, and have been awarded the prestigious Stair Residency in the past.  Everyone at AIM, myself included, is passionate about community education.  Whether working with universities, mentoring new doctors, writing blog posts and articles, or giving talks and lectures, I believe that you get back what you give.

I live near Redmond Ridge, in Duvall with my husband, Jashar, our two beautiful children, Irie and Bodhi, and our dogs and chickens.  Although the last couple of years have been more homebound with the babies, I like to spend my free time enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with friends.  Luckily, out in Duvall, there is plenty of opportunity to keep busy with gardening and home improvement!


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