IV Therapy Pre and Post Surgery—Prepare Better; Recover Faster

IV Therapy Pre and Post Surgery—Prepare Better; Recover Faster

By Dr. Mohammad Shegeft

shutterstock_221882890The purpose of a surgical procedure is to correct a problem within the body.  In most cases, the surgery achieves its goal and the person returns to a better state of health.  However as far as the body is concerned, the process is unnatural and traumatic.  It cuts into skin, divides cells, and can cause profuse bleeding.  Depending on the type of surgery performed healing can take several days, weeks or months.  Intravenous (IV) therapy can help speed up healing and get you back on your feet faster and in better condition.

shutterstock_167409356Vitamin C is necessary part of the biochemical pathway for collagen production.  Collagen helps heal wounds by providing structural integrity and support for the skin.  Although vitamin C alone is very helpful, we believe that a combination of vitamin C mixed with other vitamins, amino acids and minerals may be even better.  For example Zinc is also required for collagen biosynthesis.  IV glutathione may substantially reduce inflammation and promotes tissue repair while L-arginine and L-glutamine are essential amino acids that support immune function and wound repair.

For best results, we recommend coming in for treatment both in advance of your surgery and after surgery.  This gives your body more ammunition to tackle the task of repairing yours skin and connective tissues.  We suggest 2 treatments before and another 2 treatments after surgery for best outcome.


For patients who undergo bariatric surgery, IVs containing high amounts of B-vitamins, especially B12 is very important.  The surgical process causes a malabsorption of B12.  This is because the procedure causes food to bypass the digestive tract.  While it is an effective way to lose weight, most patients miss out on the vitamins normally received from food.

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