The Burning Question…answered in this month’s newsletter!

Hello Health Enthusiasts,

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This month we tackle a touchy, embarrassing, and sometimes painful topic.  Sometimes healthcare isn’t always pretty, but learning about a healthy urinary tract and what to do if you get a urinary tract infection are important topics and also happen to be our theme in the month of February.

The thing to remember about the UI is that it isn’t a stand-alone body part.  What I mean is that what happens in other parts of your body, such as diet, and hygene, can impact the UI.  Click the link below to download a PDF of the free monthly newsletter.  It’s just one way that we like to share with the Redmond Ridge and Duvall communities.

Feb 2014 AIM Newsletter

About alpine integrated medicine

AIM is based on the idea that when we martial our collective expertise, we can achieve great health outcomes for our patients. A truly integrated clinic, AIM's practitioners work together to provide an experience tailored to each individual. We believe in the power of natural healing, combined with the most current medical science available.
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